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10 times every Parent should pat themselves on the back, Literally!

If you are a mom, or a parent, we all have been there; Where everyone tells you to baby proof the house before the baby gets here. Okay! after baby proofing the house, what else? is that it? So everything should be fine from there onwards right? No, it does not, it gets worse. There are worse things you have to worry about. Like making sure you didn’t leave a  bit of wine in your glass and leaving the glass on your table where your toddler could conveniently reach it. Okay maybe that’s just me. But she did not drink it, I promise. I rushed over before she could gauze it down like her mama!

But that doesn’t make me a bad more, if anything, it made me a better mom because now I put my wine where she can’t reach it lol . And I pat myself on the back after that for a reaching over to her so quickly like Edward did for Bella in the Twilight movie. Here are a few instances, in no particular order,  where you should give yourself a pat on the back, literally! because we are after all humans.

  1. If you have a toddler that’s potty trained. This  doesn’t  deserve a pat on the back, this deserves a standing ovation. I need help please and answers.  Answers to why they hate seating on the damn potty. No seriously! I need help

2. If you went out with a toddler and came back without feeling like you could punch a wall, pat yourself on the back.  For me, it is not really my child acting out or crying for a toy, that gets me riled up,  it is the look and stares I get from other people who are parents themselves.  Oh so now you are a better parent now all of a sudden huh!

3. If you could get your toddler to clean up after themselves. Don’t get me wrong, even though Hazel is 20 months, she could clean up after herself 25% of the time All we have to do is sing the “clean up” song. What happens 75% of the time, you asked? She’s looking at me like am crazy or she’s ignoring me.

4. If you’ve never thought about giving your toddler Benadryl so they could sleep for the  night without waking up. In my defense though, Hazel is 20 months and she still doesn’t sleep through the night. I once got so sleep deprived, that’s all I could think about. But I knew better lol

5. If you didn’t have to chase them down to see what they are so conveniently chewing on. Because you were sure in your heart that what ever it was, you were 100% sure it was food.

6. If you’ve never compared yourself to other moms, clap for yourself. I hold this dear to my heart. Because for a while I did this and the result was not pretty.  I’ve learned that no 2 kids are the same, therefore no 2 parenting ways could ever be the same. Now I just go with the flow!

7. If you’ve never once missed being pregnant because of the quite you got to feel before baby got here. Even though baby was present, she was not in your face type present. If that made any sense lol

8. If you’ve never once ignored your toddler when they are throwing one of their million tantrums, you are a super mom ( we all are super moms) but if you always adhere to your toddler’s beck and call you are something else.! I count how many times Hazel acts out. I stop listening after the second one lol

9. If you’ve never wished for a longer nap session you are a force to reckon with.  During Hazel’s afternoon naps is when I write most of my blog posts, so it is only fair if I wished for it to be long. But then again, who wants their child to be up late in the night.

10.  If you could get your toddler to eat a proper meal without hassle, then you are lucky. I guess  who ever thought of the word “picky eater” once had a toddler.

If you are a mommy to a toddler or if you’ve been there, you know how challenging it is.  I know the bigger they grow the more challenging it’ll get. But ever since becoming a mother, I’ve learned to take the good with the bad.  We are not perfect, we just learn to make the most of everything and love our babies through it all.

I’ll be updating this post really soon with a part 2 I know that for sure.  Leave a comment down below. I bet other mommies would like to know that they aren’t the only ones that fell short.

In the main time, I need a glass of wine!


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  1. “What happens 75% of the time, you asked? She’s looking at me like am crazy or she’s ignoring me.” This is my entire life summed up into a single sentence, and I love you for it.

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