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Beauty: 6 Products To a Summer Glow


Hello Royals!

Now that winter is behind us finally! I hate winter. I know hate is a strong word, but that is how I feel about winter. It’s cold, gloomy, and most importantly, it comes with a short day and long night. I mean what is that about? In winter, I am in hibernation mode. I really do not put an effort in trying to look pretty, because all that prettiness is going to be covered with jackets and hats, and scarves anyway.

The only effort I put in is trying to take extra care of my skin in winter,  my skin gets ridiculously dry.  Especially my face since that is the only part that is visible anyways. I use cleansers, masks and hydrating moisturizers.

Summer is fast approaching and today I am talking about products to get rid of dry, dead skin that comes with the winter months. It is never too early to get your skin ready for summer in spring. In fact it’s better to start now.


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  1. Plus Organic Rose otto Face scrub: What I love about this product is the obvious fact that it is made with 100% organic products, hence the name. Because the face is very delicate, it is recommended to use scrubs at least once a week. And also not to strip the face of essential oils. The Rose Otto facial scrub is safe enough to use twice a week because it is not drying and it is not rough on the skin.
  2. Vichy Mask Peel: Follow up the regimen by applying the Vichy Peel mask. Even though it is called a peel, it doesn’t peel your skin. It is made with botanical rocks and AHA( Alpha Hydroxy Acid, not really an acid). The botanical rocks and AHA give it an exfoliating effect. If you are looking for a mask to get rid of black heads and white heads, this is not the mask for you. This mask gets rid of dullness by showing your skin’s naturally glow.
  3. Burt’s Bee Brightening Moisturizing Cream: This is one of my favorite moisturizers because I have uneven skin tone on some areas of my face and since I added this product to my regimen a couple of weeks ago, I have seen results. I also like it because instead of the harmful chemical hydroquinone that’s in almost all the bleaching creams out there, this has daisy extract which is use to brighten skin and help with hyper pigmentation.
  4. Nuance Nourish and Renew Glow Facial Oil: Apply this as the last product on your face. Jojoba Oil with Calendula and Rosemary extracts pamper skin as the antioxidant. It has vitamin E which conditions and protects the skin. It is light weight and it absorbs deeply into the skin to help with dullness leaving a radiant, healthy glow.


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For the body I chose just 3 products because well, we don’t really need a lot.

  1. Shea Moisture Hand and Body scrub: If you haven’t already jumped on the band wagon that is body scrubs, do so with this scrub right here. You won’t regret it! It has ginger to detox. Activated charcoal and Opuntia Extract to get rid of impurities and radiantly give the body a natural glow. I use this scrub with an exfoliating shower glove pictured above  to really get a complete clean.
  2. Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil: Last but not least, latter your body with this sesame oil from Neutrogena after shower and your body will thank you for it. It is light weight and it absorbs into your skin easily.


Which products from this list are you going to try? What products have you tried? Do you have a product recommendation? Let me know!

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