Dear Hazel

Dear Hazel: Today you are 20 months!


“You are my Sunshine when skies are grey” I want you to know through thick and thin, you are the only one that matters. You’ve given me a million reasons to wake up every day to do better and want better. You are the reason I’d want to move a mountain and make this world better if I could.


Know that this world is not kind. Know that people are going to disappoint you. Know that things are not always going to go your way. But most importantly, know that through the unkindness, disappointments and discourage, God, The All Knowing, will be there with you every step of the way;  because you are His first before you were mine.


You are one of a kind. You are funny, loving, caring, and warm. Your hugs, kisses and laughter are what I look forward to each and every single day. You love to dance and jump around even though you could barely jump lol.  You love to share your food with daddy and I; even the food from your mouth.. eww.


You are independent. You get  annoyed, angry and walk away.  You ask what? why? and say no a lot. You say daddy but not mommy. You love to give hugs even to strangers. You love kisses and I know you are going to be a joy to everyone. In Jesus name.!


And last but not least, you are perfect just the way you are. I wont let the world dull your shine.