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DIY Funday: Baby Girl Hair Clips

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I’ve always loved hair clips on little girls. Just one thing, they can be pretty pricey and not unique at all. Am really  frugal and there is no way am spending money on something that I could make myself. They are inexpensive to make and take less that 10 minutes. No sewing required!

Items Used:
Not pictured but you also need an iron.

I got my fabrics at Michaels for $1.49 each. They are not big but they are perfect for this project. They have a lot of different patterns as well.

You could also use some ribbons if you’d like. I just can’t work with ribbons because they are kind of thin for my liking.

Step 1: IMG_1798
Cut desired fabric into 1/2in wide and about 8 1/2in long.

Step 2: IMG_1799
Fold Fabric in half and iron.

Step 4:


Step 5:

Fold fabric in half again and put a dab of glue right in the middle.
Note: The reason for folding the fabric in the middle is so that when it is time to wrap the clip, both ends would be tucked inside the clip.

Step 6:IMG_1789
Glue fabric to the clip starting in the opening. Continue gluing until both ends of fabric are tucked inside the clip.

You should end up with something like this. Don’t worry if it is bulky or looks rough around the edges, it is going to be covered with the bow anyway.

Step 7: IMG_1793
Cut another piece of fabric. With this one, you could cut it any size you want just make sure it is a triangle instead of a square. The bigger the fabric, the bigger the bow and vice versa.

Step 8:IMG_1792
Bring the two ends together in the middle and glue one end on top of the the other. 
You should end up with something like this. Iron fabric with the glued side in the middle.

Step 9:IMG_1795
Gather your fabric like pictured above with the side with glue tucked in.

Cut a small piece of fabric and glue it in the middle to hold the bow together.

Step 10:pickerimage-3
You should end up something  like this.

Lastly, glue the bow to the clip and you are all done.


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You can make them different sizes and patterns and color so go crazy.!