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I Am More Than Enough!


Before I became a mom, I never knew someone’s  perspective of me would matter so  much. I always have this nonchalant attitude towards what people say about me, and what they thought of me as a person. Having a child changed all that. It made me realized that even though Hazel  is young right now, her opinion of me would be the most cherished and adored.  I sometimes get lost in thought of how she would view me as a mom and as an individual.

As a mom, there are times where I  doubt my myself and my capabilities. I question my motives and my actions in regards to raising my child. I find myself asking questions like “Am I a good mother? Am I doing a good job raising her? Wondering about how my actions would influence and affect her.

Yet, as an individual, I know no one is perfect and definitely  no mother is perfect. I am undoubtedly  doing the very best I can and could do. Fact of the matter is, my opinions, actions, are more than enough as long as she is not endangered in anyway. For my child, I am okay.  I realized, it is okay to ask questions, have doubts and wonder or how else would I persevere to give her the best?

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