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Lipstick Jungle: 8 perfect drug store lipstick


I am a self proclaimed lipstick junkie.  My love for lipstick has never led me to buy more than I could afford though. Yeah am cheap! lol. The most expensive brand of lipstick I own is M.A.C. in Ariana Grande Viva glam and Rubywoo.  I love drug store brand lipstick not only because they are inexpensive, but you could also find great quality in your perfect shade.

As a mom to a toddler who is nearing the terrible 2,( I think she’s already in the terrible 2 stage though) I do not have  time to do a thorough make up routine everyday. Most of the time, what I call a made up face consists of foundation, eyeliner and lipstick.

I love a good matte lipstick. A perfectly applied lipstick compliments any outfit and make you look effortlessly chic.

Here are a few lipstick, in my favorite shades of red, burgundy, nude, and purple. I wear these at least once or twice a week.  You could find all these 8 shades at your local CVS or Target.

I do not wear Nyx Amethyst by its self, I mix it with Transylvania to get a deeper purple that everyone always asks me where I get from..

What are you favorite drug store lipstick?

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