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Looking back to 6 months of Motherhood



This is going to sound redundant but I am still going to say it because I know there are others who share my sentiments.  I can’t believe I have a child and I can’t believe six months have gone by already. Just the thought of it alone, whew!

Looking back to the first week of motherhood, there was this moment when I thought to myself, “can I really do this?” I remember shedding a couple of tears at the thought of doing everything by myself. I asked God for patience and wisdom and as always, HE delivered.  For me, it was a “learn as you” go kind of situation. There was no one to right my wrongs! Every mistake was corrected by me the next day or when I realize down the road it was meant to be done  differently.

Being African, we have a tradition of an elderly woman giving your baby their first bath. I do not have such luck! so I had to muster the courage and do it.

I remember after getting her bath ready and brining everything that was needed;

  •  I stood there looking at her.
  •  I was so scared to even pick her up and put her in her tub.
  • I checked the water temperature more than 10x to make sure it was perfect.
  • I knew it had to be done, so I bathed her for the very first time. And it was a SUCCESS!

Who knew bathing a teeny tiny baby would be so never recking? Not I!

Fast forward to months later. I have Since then, figured out a little bit about being a mother.  My motherly skills are far from perfect and everyday  is a learning adventure for Hazel and I but we’ve come a long way and for me that is awesome.

Things I obviously knew would happen:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Lots of poos and dirty diapers
  • Getting drown in baby puke
  • Getting drown in drool(which I love by the way)
  • Priority change ( It’s all about Hazel)

Things I did not expect to happen:

  • To have my whole world revolve around a little person.
  • To look at myself in the mirror and love what my body has done but not love how it looks. I am currently working on this. It is one of my New Year’s resolution.
  • How I could go off on people in less than 5 second that look at her wrong.
  • How I could just get so happy with just a smile from her.
  • How I’ve fallen more in love with her dad just by knowing how much he loves and adore her.
  • How I could survive on just few hours of sleep everyday.
  • How I’ve become stronger than I was

Many dirty diapers later, Hazel has mastered a way of melting our hearts each and everyday. She is happy, playful, always smiling (well except when she is hungry, she doesn’t play with her milk.) Breastfeeding is going great for us. When it comes to my motherly duties, choosing to breastfeed is the best decision I made for us.

At six months, she is in the 99th percentile for  weight,height and head circumference (yes my baby has a big head). She is eating solids, chewing on things, rolling, sitting up right, she is starting to crawl and stand at the same time. She is going through her milestones with easy.  I have God to thank for that because He gave me a healthy child.

Her pediatrician always jokes with me that my milk should be distributed and marketed haha. She always tells me how amazing of a job I am doing. Not to sound selfish, but hearing that makes me feel empowered and proud of myself.

Things I’ve learned within 6 months:

  • It is okay to feel overwhelmed. Being a mother is not an easy job as 100% of us have agreed.
  • Baby poo is considered a serious discussion in the pediatrician’s office.
  • Babies are little humans that dictate when you eat, sleep, and even use the bathroom.
  • It’s a hassle to go out with a baby. Getting them ready and putting them in their carseat takes longer than going to the actual destination.
  • It is okay to have serious conversations with your infant baby even though they’ll be looking at you like you have some loose screws in your head.
  • At the end of the day, you don’t have to be perfect for your baby to accept you. They’ll accept you for who you are and how you are.

Six months have gone by like lightning and I am happier now than I have ever been.