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Yes I breastfeed a Toddler!


Hello Royals welcome to my blog!

By reading the title, you already have an idea about what this blog post is about. Hazel is 18 months old and as far as breast feeding goes, we are still going strong. If you read “My breast-feeding story” blog post, I talked about how I did not have a definite time I planned on stopping to breastfeed. I wanted it to happen naturally. And most importantly, I wanted her to wean herself off.

To say the truth, the thought of weaning Hazel kind of scares me as heck. Since she was born, the only way that I was sure to sooth and pacifier her was through breastfeeding. Even though she uses a pacifier, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on her emotionally. I am happy about that, and I feel really empowered knowing that the only way to calm her down is by whipping my boobs out lol.

Another reason why am still breastfeeding is because she is a picky eater. I’ve tried different types of food, looked up baby and toddler recipes online, asked for suggestions from friends with kids the same age as Hazel, and still nothing. The only time she would eat anything is either when her dad is eating or when am eating. And most of the foods that we eat do not have the nutrients she needs as a toddler.

I talked to her pediatrician about it and her suggestion was if am sure I want to wean her, I should give her pediasure. Anyways! I really do not have a problem with breast feeding her for as long as possible. The only problem I have right now is with the people that think they have the right to ask me with a surprise look on their faces, if am still breast feeding or why I chose to breast feed for this long.  I can’t seem to understand the backlash about breast feeding. To simply answer, It’s my body and my baby.

I follow a lady on Instagram by the name Ashley Wright. She is a breastfeeding advocate, a pole dancer and she is an awesome mama to a beautiful baby girl.  I admire her a lot because she doesn’t let society dictates what she does. She speaks her mind and she stands up for what she believes. She recently posted a video on her Instagram where she was breastfeeding her 4 years old daughter. Immediately she posted it, the wolves came out of the wood works, commenting nasty comments after another. It was disgusting and people on the internet can be so rude and ignorant. Most of the backlash came from other women who are breastfeeding or have either breastfed. Below are some of the comments!

Da fuq…4 years old! Come on now sister, you doing too much. The father should of been stepped in on this. And yes, I understand that is your child but if your asking the Village…We Do Not Approve. Then again, our Village is not doing so well right now..so you may be wise not to listen to us…..NEwho….Peace, My Love”

“I’m not hating on you but what is he point of this. Are t

‘here any advantages to being breastfed at 4 years old are do you just enjoy the attention?”

“After two it just ain’t beautiful no more”

There were a lot more comments like this on her post and it’s really saddening. If she chose to breastfeed her daughter till she is 7, it is solely her choice.

To digress, am going to leave you with this quote from Ms. Wright herself, that speaks to me on this topic “…Let’s heal! Let us bless that which we want. We want our children to be nurtured loved and connected. Protected and not forgotten.” Ashley Wright

If you want to check Ashley out, this is a link to her website www.mswrightsway.com